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Thanks for taking the time to apply to volunteer at  Northern Lights Festival Boréal
We will make sure we review every submission we get, and will get back to everyone in as timely a manner as possible while organizing the many volunteers who have applied. 

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Artist Hospitality (Bell Park) [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Artist Hospitality (Night Shift @ College Boreal) [CollegeBoreal\Volunteer Opportunities]Backstage Artist Hospitality [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Beer Tent - Canvas Cabaret [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Beer Tent - Main Stage [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Breakfast Team (College Boreal) [College Boreal\VolunteerOpportunities]Charity Bingo - Year'Round - [Boardwalk Gaming Centre\Volunteer Opportunities]Consumer Surveys [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Control Booth [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Family Area [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Fundraising Events [Northern Lights Festival Boreal\VolunteerOpportunities]Green Team [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Instrument Lock-Up [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Merchandise [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Posters and Signs Distribution [Northern Lights FestivalBoreal\Volunteer Opportunities]Registration [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Runner [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Site Patrol (Day Shift) [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Site Patrol (Night Shift) [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Site Setup/ Tear Down [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Tent Rental Team [Northern Lights Festival Boreal\VolunteerOpportunities]Ticket Booth [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Transportation (Day Shift) [Bell Park\Volunteer Transportation (Night Shift) [Bell Park\Volunteer Opportunities]Opportunities]
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Are you applying to volunteer with friends? List their names below
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